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    As a Texas girl, I’ve got a special affinity for ribs — but they can be so pricey! My recipe for country-style ribs makes cooking ribs at home easier and cheaper than ever. Besides calling for a cost-effective cut of meat, the best part about this recipe is how hands-off it is. You season your ribs, throw them in the oven, rub them with barbecue sauce, and finish them in the oven. That’s it! You can get some work done, watch TV, or tidy up around the house while dinner basically takes care of itself.

      No summertime spread is complete without a pot of baked beans. Tender beans slow-cooked in a sweet and smoky sauce pair perfectly with mains from the grill. The trouble is, many baked bean recipes focus on the bacon rather than the beans. Luckily, if you’re serving guests who abstain from pork, or are simply trying to entertain on a budget, there’s a way to serve the classic side without adding any meat at all. By making a few smart pantry picks, it’s simple to turn humble canned beans into the classic potluck side dish. Here’s how to do it.

        For iced coffee diehards, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, it just tastes too good! But when it comes to making iced coffee yourself, how can you reproduce it the way your barista would? Buzz60 has more.

        The official start of summer is June 21st…but now that school is out in many states and memorial day has passed, let’s face it – we’re all in a summer mindset already.  So here are a few cocktail ideas to get you in a mood as bright as the days ahead.

        Green tea is so popular in America that it feels like it’s always been embedded in our culture, but according to USA Today the trend of drinking this tea in the U.S. is fairly new– it rose in popularity during the 1960s and 70s.  According to the Tea Association of the USA green tea can be f…

        Cooking steak on a grill gives it a delicious crust and smoky flavor, but not all of us have a grill, or a backyard to do it in. So what are we supposed to do? Fortunately, we can achieve similar results in the kitchen.

        Frittatas are round, open-faced omelets that are pretty to look at and delicious to eat. They can be simple with cheese and herbs or multi-layered with meat or seafood, dairy and vegetables — whatever you choose. I love serving these for brunch or lunch (or even a light supper), because you can partially make ahead and the frittata can stay warm for a few minutes, so there is no last-minute rush. I usually ask my guests if there is anything they can’t eat so I know what I can put into the eggy pancake.

        Chimichurri is a no-cook herby-garlicky sauce from Argentina and Uruguay. It’s delicious on grilled proteins and vegetables. Here, it’s used to double the flavor of basic grilled chicken breasts. The chicken is both baked with and topped with this flavor-packed sauce.

        Experience Life on how to take your cooking outdoors this summer and grill delicious meals with fewer health risks.