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Police Beat, 2-23-2021

Police Beat, 2-23-2021

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Arrests and warrants

February 17, 4:35 a.m.: Brian Walter Harm, 43, of Denison, was arrested for public intoxication and was taken to the Crawford County Jail. The location of the offense was on North 15th Street in Denison.

February 18, 3:30 p.m.: A warrant was served on Robert Lee Freeman, age 50, at the law enforcement center.

February 20, 12:02 a.m.: Jordan Michelle Brungardt, 28, of Vail, was arrested for OWI. The location of the offense was on South 12th Street in Denison.

February 20, 10:35 a.m.: James Jerrold Gangestad was arrested for domestic abuse assault – simple, and a warrant was served for 30-day mittimus.

February 20, 8:18 p.m.: After a vehicle pursuit, Mason Fishback, 20, was cited for operation of a non-registered vehicle. A red Ford F350 pickup was towed.

Thefts and vandalism

February 17: Siemer Plumbing & Heating in Denison reported that delivered packages were stolen. The report shows the packages were taken sometime between 7 p.m. on February 16 and 7 a.m. on February 17.

February 20, 10:20 a.m.: Dan Martin reported that sometime during the last week, someone removed the catalytic converter from his 1989 Ford F350 pickup, which was parked on a vacant lot in Deloit.

February 21, 9:24 a.m.: Logan Halsrud reported a window broken on a vehicle while at Stables at Copper Ridge.


February 12, 8:47 a.m.: Dennis Eugene Slater, 72, of Denison, was driving a brown 2008 Chevrolet Silverado pickup and was traveling west on Highway 30. He stopped at the intersection with South 11th Street to make a left turn. Slater was waiting for an eastbound truck to clear the intersection before making the left turn, but he reported not seeing a blue 1998 Ford Escape following in the lane to the right of the truck. When Slater made the left turn, his vehicle was struck on the passenger side by the Ford Escape. Slater’s vehicle was pushed into another vehicle, a white 2020 Ford F250 pickup that was stopped at the south side of the intersection at the stoplight. No one was injured. Slater’s vehicle received $5,000 damage and was considered totaled. The investigating officer arranged for it to be towed. The blue Ford Escape, which was being driven by Joshua Lloyd Henderson, 41, of Charter Oak, received $5,000 damage to the front middle and was considered totaled. It was also disabled and the officer arranged for it to be towed. The white Ford pickup, being driven by Sean Allen Krohnke, 49, of Denison, received $4,200 damage to the front driver side corner and could be driven away. Slater was cited for failure to yield upon a left turn.

February 15, 4:56 p.m.: Maria D. Garcia-Dearroyo, 49, of Dow City, was driving a black 2012 Mazda MZ6 east on Highway 59/141 when Kallie Sophia Bromert, 16, of Vail, merged her vehicle into Garcia-Dearroyo’s lane and sideswiped her vehicle. Bromert said that she did not see Garcia-Dearroyo’s vehicle when she merged into the lane. No one was injured. Bromert’s vehicle, a black 2009 Nissan Murano, received $500 damage to the front passenger side. Garcia-Dearroyo’s vehicle received $1,500 damage to the middle driver’s side. Bromert was cited for improper use of lanes.

February 18, 8:10 a.m.: Sean Krohnke with the county road department reported a property damage accident on 330th Street between I Avenue and J Avenue near Vail.

February 18, 8:40 a.m.: Randy Lee Block, 56, of Denison, was backing a gray 2008 Ford Ranger pickup out of a parking stall on 1st Avenue North in Denison. Block reported that the sun glare obstructed his view, making him unable to see a gray 2017 Ford Explorer directly behind him. Block’s vehicle backed into the passenger corner of the Ford Explorer. No one was injured. Block’s vehicle received $100 damage to the rear driver side corner. The Ford Explorer, which was being driven by Daniel George Schaffer, 61, of Denison, received $100 damage to the front passenger side corner.

February 18, 10:35 a.m.: Karen Elizabeth Gomez, 30, of Denison, was driving a gray 2003 Chevrolet Silverado pickup and was backing out of the driveway at 1427 3rd Avenue South. Gomez reported not seeing a white 2003 Ford F150 pickup traveling west on 3rd Avenue South and backed into the passenger side of the pickup. No one was injured. The Ford pickup, being driven by Antonio Javon Walters, 34, of Carroll, received $5,000 damage; it was disabled and Walters arranged for it to be towed. Gomez’s vehicle received $100 damage to the rear middle. She was cited for unsafe backing on the highway.

February 19, 3:10 p.m.: A vehicle went into the ditch at 2845 Donna Reed Road. The vehicle was being pulled out of the ditch by another pickup upon the arrival of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office. The driver did not need a report done. Only minor damage was done to the vehicle and no other property damage was done.

February 21, 9:30 a.m.: September M. Nee, 41, of Defiance, was driving a silver 2008 Ford Edge pickup west on Buena Vista Street when she lost control the vehicle due to the snow. Her vehicle slid down the hill and into the opposite lane and hit a fire hydrant at the corner of North 10th Street and Buena Vista Street in Denison. Nee was not injured. The hydrant, valued at $500, was broken. Nee’s vehicle received $500 damage to the front passenger side corner.

February 21, 9:47 a.m.: Kelsey Hopp reported a vehicle that went into the ditch at E16 and 260th Street. The woman with the vehicle said she was fine and had help coming, had a cell phone and plenty of gas. Her vehicle was stuck off on the south shoulder of the road.

February 21, 10:16 a.m.: Zenaida Ibarra, 40, of Denison, was driving a white 2017 Dodge Durango north in the 700 block of North 20th Street, Denison. A second vehicle, a black 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, driven by Kevin James Syring Jr., 24, of Denison, was following the Ibarra vehicle. Ibarra made a fading right turn to enter a residential driveway at 730 North 20th Street. Syring started to pass Ibarra’s vehicle, striking it in the right front quarter. The street had approximately six inches of snow and it was actively snowing and visibility was diminished. Syring said that Ibarra went left of center, making a wide, fading turn. No one was injured. Ibarra’s vehicle received $6,000 damage and Syring’s vehicle received $4,000 damage to the front driver side. Syring was cited for violation of instruction permit and failure to prove financial liability – accident.

February 21, 1:44 p.m.: Debbie McNee reported a vehicle that went into the ditch. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office assisted with traffic control, and the vehicle was removed in short order by Waderich Towing.

February 21, 7:02 p.m.: Nancy Bielenberg reported seeing a vehicle go into the ditch at the end of her lane on F Avenue.

February 22, 6:30 a.m.: Pahola Flores reported a car versus deer accident at Highway 59 and S Avenue.


February 19, 5:59 p.m.: Crawford County Memorial Hospital called the dispatch center to request a deputy to explain the rights to a subject brought earlier to the hospital on a court order.

February 19, 9:14 p.m.: A report was called in about a suspicious vehicle. A red pickup with dimmed cab lights was sitting at APC southwest of Denison and then left traveling eastbound towards Denison.

February 21, 2:20 p.m.: A member of the county road crew reported a vehicle in the way of snow removal efforts a couple miles north of Dow City on the Kenwood Road. The vehicle was towed by Waderich Towing.

February 21, 10:02 p.m.: The Union Pacific Railroad reported a vehicle went off the road and was close to the railroad tracks at 210th Street, Arion.

February 19, 12:28 a.m.: Katie Sharp reported a scam. She was advised not to send any money for a package that someone was claiming to send to her.

February 19, 4:15 a.m.: Deputy Hannasch from Carroll County reported a K9 sniff and a positive alert on Aspen Avenue north of 160th Street near Westside. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office towed the vehicle for a search warrant.

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