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Death of a friend

Death of a friend

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DBR Letters to the editor

Letter submitted by John Neumann, Denison

Zion Lutheran Church is to be destroyed. Voted upon at a specially called non-quarterly voters’ meeting, our 92-year-old friend is to be torn down, put to death. The meeting was held November, 15, 2020, with less than 10% of our congregational membership present. The death warrant was signed by only 66 members (the vote was 66-38).

Zion Lutheran Church is to be torn down, not repaired. It’s only crime is that it got old. Being old meant it has been given a death sentence. Forget about its majestic beauty, it’s wooden arches and doorways, its stained glass windows, its hanging light fixtures, its spiritual pews, its history and the memories it has given to all that have chosen to enter this hallowed place. Some believe tearing down our 1929 church will cure our decreasing attendance, our budget deficits, our shrinking school enrollments, all the problems that have befallen our congregation and our religion.

Bulldozing our church will not cure or solve any of our problems. These areas of concern will still be with us, and probably get worse. Our church will become like so many things in life; just a memory. It will not influence or motivate or inspire or touch another person. It will be dead and gone, and its spirit with it.

Tearing down this irreplaceable church is going to do more than destroy at building. It will cut ties to the past, to our ancestors, to all the generations that came before us to worship and to be served here. Sad. Very sad. Sad for it. Very sad for us.

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