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Letter: Sign on courthouse lawn unnecessary

Letter: Sign on courthouse lawn unnecessary

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I read the article in the last newspaper (Denison Review, August 21) regarding the courthouse sign. Suggestion was made to do a traffic count…but it seems to me that is an unnecessary expense. Some vehicles go back and forth to get to work, to go home for lunch, etc. I don’t think counting traffic gives an accurate reflection of who is getting their news from a sign.

If it is necessary to install a sign, Highway 30 would be a much better opportunity for residents of our county to see a sign. Because this is our county courthouse and not a Denison-only business, how many county residents pass through uptown Denison regularly? It is likely that many more would travel Highway 30…and there may already be a traffic count for that area.

If COVID-19 prompted this decision about better communication, as seems to have been the case, the least visible area may be on Broadway. People are travelling less during a pandemic to avoid exposure. Plant workers don’t largely come through uptown but travel on one of the main thoroughfares.

It seems that we want to take advantage of possible COVID-19 funds, though we are not certain those funds will be made available to us. This could be the opportunity to better use the county website and to make access very easy so that people visit the site often for information and directives. In event of a civil emergency, I still believe a phone alert or notification would be optimal. If that should ever become obsolete, it could be easily updated.

Putting a sign on the courthouse lawn is akin to locating a phone booth there…rather charming, but not very useful to most Crawford County citizens.

Judy Brodersen, Denison

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