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Letter: United time...gone?

Letter: United time...gone?

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There was a time when Republicans and Democrats discussed issues calmly and reasonably, like adults, without the name calling and character assassinations. They worked to get things done for the benefit and good of this country and for the American people. They were very similar in their desires but differed in the process of getting things accomplished. Now is not that time.

We now have become two countries, two distinct people, with very different beliefs, values, desires and thinkings! It has nothing to do with status, race or religion. We have become separated from ourselves and our ways that had united us in the past. Both groups look at the government and its role differently; vote integrity/voter ID differently; “fair” trade differently; following the Constitution differently; foreign policy differently; taxation differently; freedoms of the individual differently; our history and what we are now differently and the view of Americanism vs. globalism differently. All the things that had united us have become divisive and dis-unifying!

For too long, we, as a nation and as one people, have been divided. President Trump didn’t divide us! President Biden can’t unite us! President Harris won’t even try to unite us; it’s not on her agenda! I don’t see the uniting of the United States and the American people anytime soon! Sad, very sad, for this greatest of all nations!

John Neumann, Denison

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