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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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In support of Donald Trump

I would offer a different perspective from the October 16th Letter to the Editor authored by Larry Peterson.

1) Coronavirus: China caused the Coronavirus, not President Trump. Trump took decisive action early to stop travel from China, while Joe Biden criticized and called him racist. More Americans would have died had Biden been president and travel from China had continued.

2) Health Care: Obamacare was a disaster for those who did not qualify for assistance, such as hard-working business owners. Free-market solutions will make our system better, as opposed to government-controlled care that will prove disastrous and unsustainable. President Trump will protect those with pre-existing conditions.

3) Division: Democrats divided America not Republicans. Democrats never accepted the outcome of the 2016 election, constantly made inflammatory comments and concocted a phony impeachment. Many Democrat supporters now burn our cities, attack law enforcement, and condemn entire groups of people based not on character but on skin color. It is profoundly obvious who is seeking to divide and who wants to unite.

4) Corruption: The collusion with other nations is clearly Biden not Trump, as more facts surface daily on the profound depth of the Biden family corruption and pay to play schemes that enriched the Biden family at the expense of the American worker. It is Biden, not Trump, that enriched himself and his family using his public office.

5) Climate Change: President Trump pulled out of agreements that would have severely damaged the U.S. economically, and still our nation performed better than the participating nations in reducing pollutants.

Promises made, promises kept. For the people, not the status quo. I am proudly voting for Donald Trump and Republicans on November 3rd.

Steven Holt, State Representative, District 18, Denison

Are these really the values of West Central Iowa?

Should evangelicals have made a deal with Trump? According to Peter Werner in The Atlantic, “Trump may be using evangelicals to advance his aims, but they are also using Trump to advance their aims…. But if politically conservative evangelicals have things they can rightly claim to have won (a six-three Supreme Court), what has been lost? For starters, by overlooking and excusing the president’s staggering array of personal and public corruptions, Trump’s evangelical supporters have forfeited the right to ever again argue that character counts in America’s political leaders.”

Do we really believe that wealthy campaign donors should be allowed to remake our courts to promote their interests? In his book Supreme Inequality, Adam Cohen writes, “For the past half-century, the Court has been drawing up plans for a more economically unequal nation.” The Supreme Court and lower courts have made it harder for labor unions to organize, harder for consumers and works to protect their rights against corporate interests, and easier for wealthy Americans to promote their interests by secretly giving millions in campaign donations. Will Amy Coney Barrett’s concept of originalism jeopardize reducing carbon emissions, raising middle class incomes, strengthening labor unions, making health care more affordable? Might rights given be taken away?

Locally, has Steve Holt reflected the values of House District 18? He has voted to gut Iowa’s collective bargaining rights for public employees, to add silencers to firearms, to prevent local governments from raising minimum wages, and to restrict the rights of women. Since he has been unopposed during the last two election cycles, it’s time to consider his Democratic opponent, Damon Hopkins.

Think carefully about what we really value as you vote.

Larry Peterson, Denison

Future of country depends on exercising right to free speech

Oppressed and impoverished people have been emigrating to the United States with hopes of freedom and prosperity since before its founding, and no intelligent person can or should be opposed to that quest.

It’s encouraging to see first and second-generation immigrants to this country - many of whom escaped tyrannical governments - embracing the ideals of faith, family, and hard work in their pursuit of the American dream. Conversely, it’s profoundly disheartening to see many of their children suddenly embracing the far-left political culture which so often champions atheism, anti-capitalism, and baseless accusations of racism.

Where, exactly, are young people being indoctrinated with such loathing for the country their ancestors risked their lives to reach?

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, numerous cities throughout the U.S. have endured non-stop riots, looting, and burning. Even minority-owned businesses have been destroyed. Law enforcement has been verbally and physically abused, blinded with lasers, and had urine, feces, and Molotov cocktails thrown at them. Several officers were even shot and killed by self-described Marxist revolutionaries who ignorantly think they are doing something noble for this country, all in reaction to the free and fair election of Donald Trump.

Prepare now to continue to respectfully exercise your right to free speech because now is not the time to be intimidated. The future of our country depends on it.

If the “Land of the Free” ceases to exist, where will we go?

Peggy Staley, Charter Oak

Where are the Democrats?

Watching the earlier presidential primary debates, numerous Congressional members on television, the Democrat national convention and now the national and state candidates, I have concluded and am totally convinced the people leading the Democrat Party are not Democrats!

Democrats used to love this country and what it stood for and had accomplished.

Democrats used to discuss issues and were tolerant of others and their differing views and opinions.

Democrats used to believe and respect “the rule of law.”

Democrats used to respect the police and upheld law-and-order beliefs.

Democrats used to love our culture and the American way of life.

Democrats used to respect the flag and what it represented and all that it stood for.

Democrats used to work with the Republicans to get things done for this country and its people.

Yes, it is sadly obvious these people are no longer Democrats. When they talk about the greatest country on earth, they only bring up the negatives, often citing our history or rare occurrences of today. They seldom, if ever, mention anything that this country and its people have done to make it the beacon of freedom and the greatest opportunity to the people of the world! Is this country perfect? No! Do we have only perfect people here? Not at all! But we all know, or should know, there is no place better on this earth!

The Democratic Party of years ago is gone. The leaders of the Democrat Party of years ago are no longer seen. Where would John F. Kennedy fit into this party now? Or would he?

My sincerest hope is that today’s “Democrats” will become Democrats again! More importantly than that, I pray that all our people will think of themselves first as Americans!

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