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Think about truth before you vote

Dear Crawford County Republican and Independent voters. Please think about one word — Truth — before you vote this fall.

Everyone knows that the President distorts the truth and lends credence to conspiracy theories with no basis in fact yet many of us enable his disdain for the truth by repeating the falsehoods on social media and over coffee.

George Orwell’s “1984” calls this doublethink: “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

Think about Kelly Anne Conway and Rudy Giuliani speaking of “alternative facts” as reality. We know better. A democracy can only function with truth. Think about it.

Think about Justice. I know all lives matter but very few Crawford County residents know what it’s like to be watched, followed in stores, or stopped and frisked. Think about it. Iowans aren’t racist by nature but we do suffer from “otherism,” the fear that others in our communities may change our way of life. Think about how the Denison Community Schools have been enriched by the diversity of students and their families. The President, on the contrary, distorts truth by promoting unfounded fear and resentment of others. Is that who we should be? Think about it.

Think about how our great-grandchildren will judge us as they watch Iowa croplands dry up and the mass migrations of people for survival. Denison native James Hansen has been warning us for decades that our dependence on fossil fuels will radically change life in Iowa. The President denies this scientific truth.

In the end, it’s Truth that matters. Please think about it before you vote.

Larry Peterson, Denison

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