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State rep responds to letter; says ALEC advances model legislation

State rep responds to letter; says ALEC advances model legislation

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Larry Peterson seems fixated on a group called ALEC. He clearly regards them as nefarious and believes that myself and Senator Jason Schultz are in cahoots with them, as he stated in a recent letter to the editor. So, let us set the record straight.

ALEC stands or American Legislative Exchange Council. Their mission statement reads that they are “America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism.” This group advances model legislation in support of those ideals, just as there are left-wing organizations that advance legislation in support of ideals that Democrats sometimes use.

I have no problem being associated with this excellent organization. I actually paid dues to join ALEC a year ago; unfortunately my schedule has never allowed me to attend any of their meetings.

Additionally, I have never received legislation or guidance from them in my duties as your state representative, but if I did it would be in keeping with the promises I made and the values I campaigned on when I ran for office and was reelected with 73% of the vote.

I have explained this reality to Larry in several email exchanges; however he continues to advance the Democrat talking point that this is a wicked organization and that I am a part of it. The record, as I have just explained, speaks for itself.

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