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The oddly named Apeman C450 car dashcam covers all the basics and is our pick for best dashcam option under $50. The camera lens records 1080p video footage (which makes for good video quality if you need to capture someone’s license plate) and audio in a continuous loop recording on a 32GB micro SD card, which you supply. The dash camera’s ultrawide-angle lens gives a great viewing angle and detects and saves footage of car collisions automatically. It uses that same motion-detection sensor recording tech when the car is parked to detect if someone backs into or tampers with your vehicle, and will start recording footage of that event as well.

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One of the odder shows has a ferociously upbeat Reese Witherspoon narrating nature documentaries, with a twist. She focuses on female animals and seems to try to have them offer lessons of empowerment. The first episode focuses on sister cheetahs. "It's tough being a teenage cheetah," she says, calling the two big cat sister "gutsy girls." Then we watch the cheetahs stalk and brutally kill an impala. "Getting that belief in yourself and gaining confidence, that's what growing up is all about," a chirpy Witherspoon says. "Walk tall, fierce queens." The second episode deals with ant queens and loses its way quickly, with Witherspoon awkwardly highlighting the violent queen's reproductive power. The footage is from the BBC and it is stunning, even if it shows a limit to holding the camera vertically.

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Young sports phenoms are the subjects of this series, hosted with a very light hand by soccer star Megan Rapinoe. Each documentary-style episode features interviews and competition footage of the stars, including of boxer Chantel Navarro, Olympic gold medal snowboarder Red Gerard and football player Korey Foreman. The portraits are deeply moving and personal, even if they have a tendency to veer toward adoration. Rapinoe only appears at the beginning of each episode to introduce the young athlete. Then she's gone, which seems a waste.

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