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The CBOE Volatility Index—also known as the VIX—is a primary gauge of stock market volatility. The VIX volatility index offers insight into how financial professionals are feeling about near-term market conditions. Understanding how the VIX works and what it’s saying can help short-term traders tweak their portfolios and get a feel for where the market […]

Buyers hoping to score a deal on a home in 2021—or even find something affordable without having to dip into savings or push their budgets past the “we-could-live-without-electricity” point—might need to check their ambitions. Both the experts and the numbers paint a picture of a seller’s market in 2021. The good news is that new-home […]

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Most days, the stock market doesn’t see big moves higher or lower. Generally, indexes like the S&P 500 gain or lose less than 1% a day. But from time to time, the market experiences significant price changes, which professional investors refer to as “volatility.” While heightened volatility can be a sign of trouble, it’s all […]

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