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FICTION: A boy's search leads him around the world. "Ramadan Ramsey" by Louis Edwards; Amistad (400 pages, $27.99) ——— "Ramadan Ramsey" starts with a simple sentence and a grand tone: "Ramadan was blessed." What follows feels like the beginning of a tall tale, where a boy with a terrible temper that "might somehow be employed to destroy" stomps through his grandmother's New Orleans duplex. The ...

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A thick, slimy layer of so-called "sea snot" is spreading in Turkey's Sea of Marmara to the south of Istanbul at alarming levels, posing a gro…

As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. Here’s one of my favorite European memories from Turkey — a reminder of the fun that awaits us at the other end of this crisis.

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Best: The hyperefficient and undeniably tasty meat-bread-veggie assembler gives us a nemesis, “King of Cold Cuts” Tony Bolognavich, played by a very well-cast Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”). Bolognavich, more of a “Scarface”-style meat boss than a chef, laments the rise of the rival sandwich empire he calls “Jimmy’s John’s.” Sure, JJ’s hand-slices real roast beef, Bolognavich says, but “I got ‘turkey’ and ham made by science.” It’s fresh and funny as it underscores the Jimmy John’s strength: Its sandwiches taste like real food.

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Similar to France, Italians celebrate Christmas with their biggest spread on the eve of the big day. Luca Finardi, the general manager of the Mandarin Oriental Milan, says that locals usually attend midnight Mass and enjoy a sumptuous meal before heading to church.

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